Divorce Planning

28 Easy Ways to Save Money After Divorce

What Divorce Planning Means For Your Finances

All of the pieces that were acquired during marriage will now be split up. There is concern that you are getting your fair share so you are able to move forward financially and not struggle. Now more than ever the decisions that you will make need to be right ones. These decisions will impact the lifestyle of your children and yourself. Working with a Certified Divorce Analyst will help you analyze the short term and long term effect of these financial decisions. Where ever you may be in the divorce planning process from thinking about filing to starting the process or the final decree, Ron and his team of experts are here to help. They will create a plan that will provide you the highest probability of success of financial freedom.

Move forward with confidence

When you work with our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Ron Reinstein,
he becomes an extra team member that works with your attorney and provides support on financial issues such as:

Analyzing Pension and Retirement Plans

Short Term and Long Term Effects of Dividing Property

Calculating the Present Value of the Pension

Income Analysis on Keeping the Current Marital Residence If not, what will be affordable in your budget?

Social Security Strategies

Develop a New Budget for Current Income

Tax Issues on Investments

Examining the Pros and Cons of Proposed Settlements

Set New Retirement Objectives

Discover your NEW Risk Tolerance

Create your NEW Financial Road Map

Help Determine the Cost Basis and the Possible Capital Gain on the Sale of the Marital Residence

Working with Ron and his team does not replace the need for an attorney. 
This is an emotional time but come in and sit with Ron to gain some peace of mind for the decisions that are on the horizon so you are able to pick up the pieces and move forward with confidence.

Key Members of your team

Your Attorney

Look for an attorney who handles just divorce cases or up to 75% of their practice are divorce cases. When interviewing attorneys, it is ok to be nosey and ask questions.  You want to feel that the person across the table will be able to get the job done. As you fill the attorney in on the particulars of your case, ask them  about their qualifications and fees. Find out if they will be handling your case or will it be passed down to a junior attorney.  If so meet with that person as well. Interview at least two attorneys to make the best decision in whom you will retain as your council.

Divorce Financial Planner

A CDFA is different than a financial planner, financial advisor, CPA or accountant. A Certified Divorce Planner is equipped and certified with all of the specialized tools for the divorce process, including divorce financial planning  and asset protection strategies. As the second member of your team, your divorce financial planner will work hand in hand with your attorney to take care of the imperative financial implications of your divorce. These tasks can include preparing financial affidavits and projecting the financial implications of proposed settlements in the short term and long term.

Additional considerations

There may be the need for other professionals depending on the situation:

Forensic Accountant

They will be a resource if there is a feeling that there are assets that are being hidden from the other spouse or possible disposition of marital assets before filing for divorce. If a business is owned they will discover if revenues are being hidden or delayed to skew the actual financial numbers of the business

Valuation Expert

This person will determine the actual value of a business using the real numbers determined by the forensic accountant.  They also will be able to help attach a value to an advanced degree earned during the marriage, stock options and or restricted company stock.

Real Estate Appraiser

This expert will step in to help determine the value of the marital home and other real estate holdings such as vacation homes, rental and or commercial property, and undeveloped land.


Divorce is an emotional roller coaster and navigating the ups and downs of the process may prove to be difficult. Because of the emotional component adding a qualified therapist to help navigate this stressful time is encouraged.

our teaching team

Picture of Ronald Reinstein

Ron Reinstein

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Stephen E. Felman

President of Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo, LLC

When meeting with individuals who are contemplating going through a divorce it is important to discuss the potential team members that will soon enter the process as the divorce goes in motion. Aside from attorneys, another member of their team that I will discuss utilizing is a mediator.

Using a mediator, it is a smart alternative to litigation for BOTH parties. It will be less time consuming, less stressful, and at a reduced cost to both parties. As a neutral third party, a divorce mediator facilitates a comprehensive and amicable approach to your divorce. The mediator does not represent or advise either party. Mediation allows separating and divorcing couples to take control of planning their own lives and make good decisions about their future. Both voices are heard as each party crafts an agreement that works best for them and their family. The decision making process learned in mediation can serve as a model for future communications among the spouses.

A divorce mediator guides both parties to help identify and discuss the issues at hand. Options and potential solutions are presented by the mediator to the issues at hand and are then opened up to negotiations to each party. The open dialogue will result in decisions that are satisfactory to both individuals. Upon the conclusion of the sessions, an agreement will be drafted. This agreement will outline all mutually agreed upon topics. The agreement will then be submitted to the Court for approval, and once approved it is now a legally binding agreement.

Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo, LLC is a separate third party and not affiliated with any other companies mentioned on this website.

Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo LLC. Is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or counsel. Each party has been encouraged to be fully advised by their respective counsel regarding the legal, financial, and practical effect of any agreement entered into.