OVER 200 Years of Experience

The Investment committee we have access to has a combined 200+ years of industry experience to give our clients the best opportunity for success.


We believe communication and transparency are key to quality advisor/client relationships. To help keep our clients informed, we host quarterly conference calls with our clients and our investment committee members.

A TEAM with over 175 Years of Experience

This group, located in Buffalo, NY, provides in depth services to a select group of qualified clients who need more attention and help managing their investment assets. We will take the time to understand the client’s full financial picture and draft a comprehensive investment profile and policy statement, to guide in the wealth management planning of the client’s portfolios. The client portfolios are designed and managed primarily using individual stocks and bonds, in order to insure the appropriate, predetermined risk level is maintained. Where it is appropriate and agreed to, by certain qualified clients, we research and purchase private equity and debt securities, quantitatively managed strategies and non-correlated investment opportunities, to help maintain the risk/return profile of those client portfolios.

Whether in Buffalo, NY , or beyond, we consistently do company research on the investments we own, as well as, potential new investments. We also create strategic economic analysis using economic data, political analysis and global financial market news, to determine whether conditions can support market momentum or set the stage for a reversal in direction

John Thur

Chartered Financial Analyst

This group is headed up by John E. Thur, CFA. John has 37 years of investment management experience. He has been a Trader, Research Analyst and Portfolio Manager in both the Equity and Fixed Income securities markets. John has had his CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation, since 1990. John managed $1.5 billion in fixed income portfolios, including high grade corp. bonds, high yield (junk) bonds, (MBS) mortgage backed securities, preferred stocks, convertible bonds and municipal bonds. John was also managing director of a local Trust Company office for a large Regional Bank. He not only managed the portfolios with individual stocks and bonds, he assisted clients with designing Wealth Management planning strategies, to include trusts, which would minimize asset transfer taxes, while maximizing generational wealth