Wealth Management in Buffalo

We offer a full range of investments & insurance. Since we are independent, we have access to a multitude of investment tools. We can design & manage mutual fund portfolios, individual stock, and individual bond portfolios. The Wealth Management process starts with finding out what your goals are. We also do a cash flow and asset analysis. From there we can start to make recommendations on what direction your investments (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) should head. We will also look at your retirement plan (401K, 403B, Deferred Comp) and help make sure it is in harmony with the rest of your investments. Part of the Wealth Management service is making sure you have the appropriate amount of protection in place, should the unexpected happen. This could include protection pieces such as life insurance, long-term care insurance and disability insurance.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is built around you. The first rule of order is to figure out what your financial goal is and then build the plan around that. Once we know what the goal is we can make recommendations on what kind of investments would approriately serve you. We strongly believe in diversification. Although diversification does not guarantee gains or prevent loses it gives you a higher probability of achieving your goals. Just because you own 50 mutual funds, several stocks and bonds does not mean you are diversified. To achieve diversification you must be exposed to all the major asset classes. When we do our asset analysis we will review with you what asset classes you own and what asset classes you are missing. Another subject we talk about is risk. We encourage clients not to take any more risk than they have to. Diversification also includes making sure you are using the appropriate available tools. Our representatives are constantly taking classes, going to seminars, and taking continuing education classes so they are knowledgeable about the great tools to help you achieve your goals.