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The Financial Guys

How To Save Money On Your Insurance and Be Safe This Holiday Season

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Holidays are always the most expensive time of the year; by saving money on your home and auto insurance, you can help ease the burden of holiday expenses.

  • Shop your policies with a broker who has access to over 25 companies. By meeting with a broker, they will compare your policy with several different companies’ offerings to find you the best price with the best coverage.
  • Get a review, even if you are happy with your coverage. By having your policy reviewed even when you are satisfied with your coverage, you can ensure that your policy is up to date (not over or underinsured). Additionally, you can double-check that your deductibles are up to date for your current financial situation. When you first took out your policy, you could have opted for a high deductible, which may no longer suit your current situation.
  • Take the defensive driving course. For Buffalo folks, take a defensive driver course while it is nice and cold outside. You’ll be bundled up inside anyway; why not save a few dollars?
  • Bundle your policies. Consider bundling your home, auto, and other insurances together. This can help save on your premium month to month.

Now that winter weather is upon us, be careful!

  • Make sure your furnace is up to date and functional. If your furnace is old and outdated, you could be spending unnecessary money on heating expenses. Considering having a professional look at it to make sure it is fully functional and perform a quick tune-up to ensure it keeps you warm through the winter months. 
  • Confirm that your roof does not need repair. If your roof requires repair, it could seriously increase the cost of your heating bills. Make sure minor repairs are corrected as soon as possible to not end up with a more severe problem on your hands. 
  • Make sure the sump pump is up to date. The last thing you need in the winter months is your sump pump malfunctioning. Not only does it cause an inconvenience, but it could create damage should it overflow. Ensure your pump is up to date and functional.
  • Always have your driveway and sidewalks plowed and salted. If you neglect to take care of your property in the winter months, it could put you at risk of a lawsuit should someone become injured on your property. Ensure you keep up with tasks such as shoveling and salting to avoid any accidents.

These are only just a small handful of holiday season insurance tips. For more ways to save, contact us today and schedule a complimentary review and let’s see how much we can save you.

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