how to buy an annuity first time buyers
Russ Gaiser

Russ Gaiser

How to Buy an Annuity – A Guide for First-Time Annuity Buyers

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Financial advisor, Russ Gaiser was featured in to discuss how to buy an annuity and what details you need to know as a first-time annuity buyer. He explains some of the complexities of getting an annuity and how it needs to fit into the overall financial plan.

Deciding If an Annuity Is Right for You

“You need to understand what your goals and objectives are,” Russ Gaiser III, MBA, a Certified Social Security Claiming Strategist and Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor, told “If you’re thinking about an annuity, what is the purpose of the annuity in the [financial] plan?”

Most people purchase annuities for income in retirement. Assessing your current financial situation, how close you are to retirement and what your retirement income goals look like are important factors in determining whether an annuity will be beneficial to you.

You can read the full article referenced, First-Time Annuity Buyers for the complete details.

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