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Trump Guilty Verdict Woke a Sleeping Giant | South Shore Press Article

Mike Lomas was featured as a “Guest Opinion” in this South Shore Press article.

Shortly after President Trump was found guilty in what his supporters call a “witch hunt” trial, two significant events unfolded, reinforcing beliefs that he will defeat President Biden in the upcoming election. First, Trump’s campaign shared a “Never Surrender” fundraising link on WinRed, which saw such an overwhelming response that it crashed the website. The campaign stated on social media that this crash was due to the American people seeing through what they perceived as a biased trial. Additionally, Trump’s sentencing was scheduled for July 11th, just days before the Republican National Convention, which critics argue is a strategic move to hinder his campaign. Supporters claim these events will only energize voters further, predicting a strong turnout in November to re-elect Trump. They believe the trial and its timing were intended to impede his campaign but assert that the public’s frustration with the current administration will lead to a decisive victory for Trump.

Read the full article here.

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