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Secure Your Legacy With Estate Planning

The Financial Guys™ understand the importance of securing your legacy and ensuring the seamless transfer of wealth to your loved ones. Our comprehensive generational wealth planning strategies are designed to empower you. Giving you the tools and tactics needed to navigate the complexities of preserving your assets and passing wealth to the next generation. In addition, our team of experienced wealth transfer professionals can provide guidance tailored to your unique situation. We strive to give our clients a smooth transition of wealth that reflects their individual values and goals.

4 Corners of Estate Planning:

Throughout your life, you have worked hard for many things. Notably, you may have acquired multiple properties, cars, boats, mutual funds, retirement funds, photographs, files, and a multitude of other assets. After you pass, it becomes crucial to ensure that all you worked for is passed down into the right hands. Without a proper estate plan, there is a risk that your assets may be placed in the wrong hands, or in some cases, be claimed by the government. In life, there are many uncertainties, it’s never too early to start planning for the unknown. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you assemble a comprehensive wealth preservation plan to ensure that your hard-earned assets are looked after. Succession planning encompasses four main elements: Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will, and Trust. By delving into key information on these four corners of estate planning, you can better understand how to secure a smooth transition of your assets for the benefit of your heirs.


Craft a legally sound Will that clearly outlines your wishes for the distribution of assets. In your will you will point an "executor", someone who will follow through on your designations.

Power of Attorney

If for some reason you are unable to manage your affairs, this is someone you have previously appointed to manage them on your behalf. Don't leave your future to chance, have an asset protection plan.

Living Will

In the event you are unable to make a decision regarding your healthcare, this document will have your wishes spelled out ahead of time so that you are able to have a say in your own life no matter what.


A Trust is an agreement between grantors, trustees, and beneficiaries. This document can be used to avoid probate and is a way to save your heirs both time and money. 


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