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Vanguard Study Finds Millennials on Track for Better Retirement Compared to Boomers

In a recent article, Financial Advisor Russell Gaiser III, explains why millennials may have better retirement planning strategies than boomers. Technology such as auto-enrollment plays a key role in why millennials are in better shape than they think.

Millennial Retirement Plans and Auto-Enrollment

Russell says “You can explain to them what benefits they have and when you’re looking at their goals and objectives, you know that’s a tool that they have in their toolbox to help them accomplish those. It’s just a piece of the puzzle for your advice.”

You can read the full article referenced on millennial retirement plans here.

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Mike Lomas On Government Spending

Michael Lomas, CEO and Co-Founder of The Financial Guys, recently penned this guest editorial detailing the repercussions of the United States financial support of Ukraine. After Congress approved a $61 billion foreign aid package to help beat back Russian aggression, Lomas explains how this is a slap in the face to every hard working American.

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Ron Reinstein’s Insights On Student Protestors

In a recent guest editorial, Senior VP of Wealth Management, Ron Reinstein emphasized the urgent need to confront pro-Hamas radicalism. The article underscores the destructive impact of extremist ideologies on today’s college campuses and the uptick in antisemitic behaviors by radical Americans.

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