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For 20 years, The Financial Guys Founders have worked towards their goal to help provide educational courses and resources to the community and public. Mike Lomas and Glenn Wiggle believe individuals from all backgrounds and income levels should have access to resources and tools that will help enable them to take control of their financial future to improve their quality of life, and ensure a more stable future for themselves and their families.

After 20 years in the business, The Financial Guys are taking their education center to the next level by making online courses and resources available to the public as they transform TFG Academy and the TFG Financial Education Center. Towards the bottom of this page you can register for any of our upcoming events.

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Our Education Center offers in-person seminars, live webinar events, and prerecorded events.

Register for any of our upcoming events towards the bottom of this page. 

In-Person & Online Workshops

January 2021


JANUARY 13TH (wed)

 6:15 PM***

Tax season is here! Hear from the experts at EG Tax on how to effectively file your taxes in 2021. With the new presidency upon us, make sure you fully understand how changes to current tax laws will impact your tax filing in the new year.



February 10TH (wed)

 6:15 PM***

Join Charlie Sperrazza and Darlene Maclay as they discuss Nursing Homes and how to protect your assets. They will go over the use of trusts, how to qualify for Medicaid, long term care insurance, and current New York State rules.

MARCH 2021


MARCH 10TH (wed)

 6:15 PM***

Learn about investing and the basics of developing a retirement plan. With interest rates at all-time lows, it’s not enough to just save money, instead, put your money to work. Where do I begin? What can I invest in? What are the different risk levels when it comes to investing? What technology can help with achieving my goals and objectives? All great questions and reasons to sign up for our crash course: Retirement Planning 101.


MARCH 31ST (wed)

 6:15 PM***

Join Michael Hoeflich & Ron Reinstein, Certified Social Security Claiming Strategists, as they discuss the many considerations of claiming your social security benefit. Make sure you are fully informed when making your claim for your retirement income.

Medicare Mondays

Whether you’re turning 65, unhappy with your medicare plan, or moving off your company plan, our educational seminars can help you navigate the complexities of Medicare and help you maximize your benefits.