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Ronald Reinstein**

Senior Vice President of Wealth Management

"My clients have sacrificed time with their families, friends & themselves to build their wealth. I want to empower them with knowledge so they make the best decisions possible with their money."

Licenses & Certifications Include:

  • Series 7
  • Series 63
  • Series 65
  • NYS Life & Health Insurance

About Ronald Reinstein


Ron Reinstein has built his practice on two tenets. The first tenet is educating and sharing knowledge with his clients at any stage of their financial life. With this knowledge, they are empowered to make the best decisions with their money. The second tenet is Ron’s practice is driven by acknowledging the client’s sacrifices that they have made over their lifetime. It is THEIR sacrifice that has led them to build up all these financial pieces that they are looking for advice, guidance, and knowledge on. 

Additionally, being a part of an independent firm at The Financial Guys allows Ron access to all of the different investments and services that are available. Coupled with the education and knowledge that he provides with a wide range of access to tools and solutions; it will help the people who Ron meets with to achieve and sustain their financial freedom.


Upon graduating with his MBA from Canisius College in 2005, Ron started his career in the financial services industry at New England Financial. After a few stops at other firms, Ron finally found the right fit when he joined The Financial Guys in March of 2011. From the wealth of knowledge that was present in 2011 to the expansion The Financial Guys undertook, adding a variety of new departments/specialists under one roof, Ron knew he was going to be able to deliver custom tailored solutions to the individuals and families that he works with. Ultimately, not only just retirement planning, but with a team of specialists behind him, he can help to address the day to day issues our dollars and cents will encounter.

The retirement planning process may be overwhelming as there is not a one size fits all approach with this process. Retirement plans that feel cookie cutter are not likely going to be the best ones for you! These plans need to be built for YOU, and your specific set of goals and objectives. This is why Ron strives to simplify it for you. Ron will help you understand the various options available to you and guide you through the decision-making process. As decisions are made, Ron will provide ongoing support, advice, and monitoring to ensure that your retirement plan remains on track.

In 2018, to deliver more knowledge to his clients, Ron earned the Certified in Social Security Claiming Strategies (CSSCS) designation. Unfortunately, with the elimination of pension plans and a Social Security System that has 2,728 filing rules, Ron felt there was a gap of expertise with his practice when posed a question about this retirement income source. In addition, the workforce at the Social Security Administration is prohibited from dispensing specific advice to individuals. In order to close that knowledge gap, Ron earned this designation to give his clients the best advice and solutions possible for how to optimize their Social Security benefit. Therefore, creating the most tax efficient, inflation adjusted, and guaranteed income in their retirement possible with their Social Security benefit.


In his spare time, Ron enjoys golfing and playing hockey. Ron resides in Depew with his fiancé Kym, their two children Madelyn and Brady and their loveable golden retriever Kaiyan.