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Reasons You Should Consider Investing To Get Rich

Financial advisor, Russell Gaiser was featured in a recent Yahoo! Finance article talking about reasons for investing. Russell describes inflation and the impact it has not only on the markets but on everyday items as well. Here is a portion of what he said in the recent article.

The Silent Thief Will Rob You Slowly If You Don’t

“Inflation, the silent thief, is the rise in the cost of goods, and has averaged close to 3% per year over the last 100 years,” said Russell E. Gaiser III, MBA, CPFA, and wealth manager with The Financial Guys. “For money that will not be used today, it is important to at least be able to keep pace with inflation. For purposes even further down the line — think retirement — smart investing through diversification, rebalancing and dollar-cost averaging can help lead people to retirements they can truly enjoy.”

You can read the I’m a Financial Planning Expert: 5 Reasons You Should Consider Investing To Get Rich.

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