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Mike Lomas On Government Spending

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Michael Lomas, CEO and Co-Founder of The Financial Guys, recently penned this guest editorial detailing the repercussions of the United States financial support of Ukraine. After Congress approved a $61 billion foreign aid package to help beat back Russian aggression, Lomas explains how this is a slap in the face to every hard working American.

Ron Reinstein’s Insights On Student Protestors

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In a recent guest editorial, Senior VP of Wealth Management, Ron Reinstein emphasized the urgent need to confront pro-Hamas radicalism. The article underscores the destructive impact of extremist ideologies on today’s college campuses and the uptick in antisemitic behaviors by radical Americans.

Brian Faraci On Latest Medicare Changes

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In a recent interview on  “A New Morning,” Brian Faraci breaks down the latest changes to Medicare surrounding prescription drug pricing and important updates that affect seniors. Faraci dives deep into the new 2025 Medicare regulations and their impact on medication costs, offering valuable insights for anyone concerned about their healthcare expenses.

Mike Shaver’s Insights On Student Debt Relief

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Are you navigating the complexities of student debt and wondering who’s eligible for the latest wave of relief? Tune in to Mike Shaver’s insightful discussion on “A New Morning,” where he delves into the latest updates on student loan debt eligibility. Shaver, a Certified College Planner, offers valuable insights and clarity on who qualifies for […]

Recover From Holiday Spending Hangover

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As we enter a new year, many of us might be feeling the financial aftermath of holiday spending. In a recent article on Spectrum Local News, Mike Lomas, Owner and Co-Founder of The Financial Guys shares valuable advice on curing the “spending hangover” and regaining financial stability.

Brian Janak On Urgent Care Closures

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Starting in 2024, WellNow Urgent Care facilities will no longer be accepting Excellus insurance. This development is poised to impact many individuals who rely on these urgent care services in Western New York and beyond.

Brian Faraci on Medicare Part B Premiums

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The recent announcement of increased Medicare Part B premiums has caught the attention of many Americans relying on this essential healthcare program. The rise in premiums, signifies a change that could impact seniors and individuals with disabilities across the country.

Mike Lomas On The Recent Rally In Stocks

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Owner and Co-Founder Mike Lomas discusses the recent rally in stocks. Listen to the interview and gain valuable insights into the factors driving this surge and what it means for investors.