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Mike Lomas On The Recent Rally In Stocks

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Owner and Co-Founder Mike Lomas discusses the recent rally in stocks. Listen to the interview and gain valuable insights into the factors driving this surge and what it means for investors.

Signs That You’ll Never Be Able to Retire

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Financial advisor, Russ Gaiser was featured in AARP in a recent article about knowing the signs that you may never retire. Russ explains some things you need to know regarding retirement and what planning is essential. Here is what Russ has to say in the article.

How to Prepare for the Medicare Annual Election Period

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The Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) is a crucial time for both individuals nearing the age of 65 and current Medicare beneficiaries. During this window, which runs from October 15th to December 7th each year, you can make important decisions about your health coverage. Preparation is key to ensuring that you select the best options […]

44% of Young Adults Want To Retire at 60, But Few Are On Track. Are You?

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Financial advisor, Russell Gaiser was featured in a recent CNBC article to talk about what it takes to retire at the age of 60. The article states that 44% of young adults in their 20s and 30s want to retire at 60 but are not on track to reach that goal. Russell Gaiser shares his thoughts.

How to Buy an Annuity

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Financial advisor, Russ Gaiser was featured in to discuss how to buy an annuity and what details you need to know as a first-time annuity buyer. He explains some of the complexities of getting an annuity and how it needs to fit into the overall financial plan.

6 Ways You’re Stealing From Your Nest Egg

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Financial advisor, Russell Gaiser was featured in a recent Yahoo! Finance article discussing ways to learn about saving money. Here is what Russell has to say about money savings.

Reasons You Should Consider Investing To Get Rich

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Financial advisor, Russell Gaiser was featured in a recent Yahoo! Finance article talking about reasons for investing. Russell describes inflation and the impact it has not only on the markets but on everyday items as well. Here is a portion of what he said in the recent article. The Silent Thief Will Rob You Slowly If You […]